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Troubleshooting Modem Huawei E160 Or E220 02 / 2012

Whether you ever have issues with Huawei E160 or E220 modem 02,
thanks to a firmware update, however when setup the modem does not appear as an alert along these lines

due to the fact the existing firmware update would even trouble
continue to desire to return the original / flash the firmware once more but alternatively appear similar to this


based on my experience. I have several occasions aided the friend's buddies and also neighbors house sporting Huawei modem E160 as well as E220 mostly.

due to the fact they deliberately like to update the firmware but which is soon after reinstalling the modem application ehh .. is the signal turns blank and also then I try and do to update my firmware but failed as well as last up-to-date in several techniques and also managed efficiently and also appear and also secure the modem alert as well as a message to my friend's. In order to not update the firmware.

I love to understand and share exactly what I do, and I've performed a few of the initial modem Huawei modem is certainly not dead. alias continue to blinking green or blue.
The initial method

1. rather try uninstalling every one of the motorists in your PC Huawei
2. install it once more however the card does not need to be installed regarding the modem
3. then run application soon after install modem card as well as let the PC detect hardware modem if in case solved not appear try to check that the USB  plugs throughout the PC, Change modem to the USB port to another, if solved not want detective off the greeting card as well as get in a position to figure out how to such as this.

The very last and kindly beware

The way I training for Huawei modem O2 E160 and also E220
possible techniques when I've done will allow you to trouble soon after firmware update.

1. Very first, try resetting its USB 2.0. mending how PC you will be appearing right through the bios setup disable USB 2.0 solely. continue to conserve the settings.

(Warning: may once you  move the USB environment can there be some hardware that is not discovered because USB  mouse or perhaps USB  keyboard) so I recommend making use of the keyboard or perhaps the computer mouse continues to be PS2 connector. as well as I recommend do not make use of computer, could possibly be a keyboard or mouse touchpad notebook  I  had been even not detected.

2. go into windows system continues plug modem E160 / E220 your  and delay. until the system detects the brand new Hadware.

3. modem applications will not run whenever you can feel dependable unplug  Sim card in.

4. after which if you require DC-unlocker your  to detect the hardware. still utilize dc-unlocker check what exactly is precisely what detective if or when not however have download it. dc-unlocker just for modem hardware detective TSB. not to update the firmware.

5. soon after that you update use variation mending Cell phone Husband for E160 eg UTPS16. as well as for the E220 adaptation eg E220 Update_11. note: that variation firmware every bit as some kind of example for other versions can be downloaded at: http:// /files/ Update_11.

try restarting the PC.  consistently reinstall the modem . your  and also again restart pc
Continue similar to this:

• pardon USB  setup in bios remain able to disable USB 2.0 alias positions remain using on setting 1.0
• Soon after restarting the PC
• You try to run and everything is recognized the modem hardware to complete, would not identify just about any alert. if virtually no alert will mean common,

Indeed there is certainly one even more issue
if or when the PC remains to be in options your  USB 1.0 hence promptly moved from bios Your  to USB 2.0 mode is enabled and try the option to the windows, then unplug the modem as well as plug the plug sim card longer fit plugs USB  flash you  at just which and try and run cell phone applications husband delay Leave recognized Hadware modem to finish and immediately get started on the application when using the condition sim card modem continue to plugged in the modem.

if in case successful as well as dependable! modem alert detected your will mean  ..
hence I just warned not regularity or perhaps recklessly modem firmware update firmware updates ..
I simply learned my lesson yet if it fails most likely is missed serial you. and this really is solely for whenever the solution due to the firmware update and missing alert or perhaps no signal.

for trouble fitted because modem firmware update continues as soon as you unplug the firmware flash process or perhaps because of energy problem, I will not guarantee use in this way.
Hope will allow you to troubleshoot modem since I have.

And I utilized to ask the handyman service modem tool is comparable to exactly what I post, and also the word artisan average modem utilizing mobile husband firmware similar way. origins modem completely dead but .
As well as this excellent is frequently a prospering way for practically all kinds of modems Huawei,  ZTE, and Vodafone.

This excellent tool does not utilize to a dead modem

Can be useful for you every one of the.

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