Saturday, July 2, 2011

TV LG pearlblack Flash 2 seconds off again

LG TVs return pearlblack 21FU3RD patients with complaints of flame in short then died fully.
Try tv is turned on, the ability crystal rectifier turns off once more regarding a pair of seconds. once turned on there's a pop / induction before of the screen / cathode-ray tube, sign blocks horizontal work although solely a pair of seconds. This TV can even be finished shield.

Remove the rear of the TV, then check the result elco ok all, attempt to live the B + voltage Flyback, once enkindled there lamb regarding 115V then drop to zero.
Replacement vertical LA78141 IC doesn't work, attempt to replace the optocoupler conjointly stay a similar as before. Then attempt to replace Q840 = KA431 and fortunate tv traditional flame.

Component :
IC 501 = LV76211 3C (MICOM)
IC 301 = LA78141 (vertical)
IC 02 = 24C16B (eprom)
IC 810 = STR W6554A (powersupply)
Q 402 = C6090 are often replaced TT2140 (horizontal)
= BSC25-N1534 FBT (without capacitor)
Hopefully advantages ......

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